#2016BestNine: Blog Edition

For the past two years I’ve been summarizing my nine most-liked Instagram posts of the year, so as a cheap blog entry, I thought I’d do it for… blog entries!  According to my Google Analytics, my nine most-visited entries in 2016 were…

  1. How to Parkour… in fiction! (Feb 2015) at 7.51%
    This is a huge entry and one that I thought would be useful to writers, but it’s possible that its popularity stems mostly from searches for actual parkour instructions than for how to write about parkour.  I’m also counting it even though it was written and posted in 2015… which is going to become a theme:
  2. Novel Plotting with a Storyboard (Jun 2014) at 3.85%
    This is another entry that’s been pretty popular for a few years now, and one that I think new writers might find useful.  I’m glad this one is reasonably popular, as this was a method that really helped me through my first stages of revision (during which I had to change/fix/invent a lot of story structure).
  3. Character Speed Dating Game (Oct 2016) at 2.50%
    I was shocked to discover that this was near the top of the list, since only five (count-em!) people actually signed up to “play” (and therefore I abandoned the game entirely).  I did post and repost this in a variety of places online, so the traffic is reasonably understandable – just a bit funny considering how many people actually got around to signing up.  For those who wanted to participate: don’t worry, I’ll try again at a later date.
  4. #hairporn (May 2016) at 1.11%
    I attribute this post’s popularity mostly to the fact that it has “porn” in the title – it’s otherwise a very quick look at my (unintelligent and inexperienced) comic drafting process/results.
  5. Menstruation & Magic (May 2016) at 0.82%
    Also shocked – but very pleased – that this was near the top.  I figured the title and subject matter might keep people away.  That said, it’s a good essay and I maintain my stance on this: periods are not taboo and knowing that opens up a lot of fantastical writing avenues ;)
  6. The Slushening (May 2016) at 0.72%
    While this entry relays some personal experience at a writing conference live-action slush event, I’m pleased that it’s near the top, since it’s actually related to writing and (I think) contains some interesting analysis/advice/thoughts (read: ramblings).  Looks like I was on fire with the blog entries in May… what happened, 2016 self?!
  7. Four Ways to Gamify Your Revision Goals (Jan 2013) at 0.70%
    An oldie by a goodie (apparently); I wrote this entry when I was first intrigued by the idea of gamification, and I’m glad that this, too, is near the top.  I think the advice is still useful and I could probably add to it at this point… maybe I’ll revisit this blast from the past.
  8. Subject Seven/Tiefling Floof (Jan 2016) at 0.60%
    This entry contains some black-and-white lineart of a new D&D character, and though I’m still quite pleased with it, I have no idea why (a) this entry was particularly popular or (b) why it was more popular than the coloured version.  I never even got to play this character :C
  9. Blood of Elves (or: More Witcher Stuff) (May 2015) at 0.43%
    A very light entry discussing/comparing Blood of Elves to the Witcher game, which I am still all about in every way ;)  I imagine this entry’s popularity may have something to do with the game’s popularity.

In looking back on these entries, I can’t help but wonder if the decline in interest and/or interesting content over the course of the year was due to the various (terrible) events of 2016.  I’ve been thinking about where I normally get ideas/inspiration for entries, and it’s often from Twitter/social media.

Unfortunately, some of the most popular conversation topics of 2016 were celebrity deaths, American politics, shootings, Brexit, etc – decidedly not the topics I usually discuss on my blog.  With that in mind, it’s probable I didn’t have much of interest, merit or intelligence to say.  It’s also probable that I didn’t advertise as much because there wasn’t a time and place for it: while all of Twitter was talking about Brexit or Trump or BLM, I didn’t want to tweet about my irrelevant art-related blog entry.  Furthermore, throughout the year I also found myself less and less interested in the forums I had previously frequented – which didn’t help as far as blog content generation.

And while I have high hopes (positive energy!) that 2017 will be a year of change for the better, I might have to start actively looking for content ideas – in new and exciting places.

Or I can just keep posting Neen stories and art >__>

And while we’re on the subject of art… let’s see my Instagram #2016BestNine:

Instagram likes are always fascinating to me, because they rely heavily on the time the image is posted and on the hashtags (and number of hashtags!) used. Since #Inktober was a popular hashtag, all nine of my “most liked” images are Inktober pieces. I don’t mind – I feel like I produced some decent stuff during Inktober – but it’s interesting to see the impact that the hashtag had on my stats.  I personally feel that I posted some objectively better pieces before and after October, but (presumably) they got way fewer views, and therefore way fewer likes.

You can see the full pieces in the gallery, but here’s a quick rundown, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Corlette Stoning: my most popular Instagram post to date, which pleases me. This is definitely the best drawing I’ve done of Corlette.
  • Alternate universe Adrien: the prompt was “escape” so I escaped the fantasy genre, but he still plays for the King’s Army ;)
  • Adrien and Fenja: pretty pleased with this one as it took some effort to get their relative sizes right, and it was the first time I’d drawn Fenja in a long time.  Also pretty difficult poses.  Also, I destroyed Adrien’s beautiful hair D:
  • Dorian: stoked that people liked this one, because it’s one of my favourites.  Dorian is a badass and now I have art that does her right!
  • Piper: ditto.
  • Adrien & Dahl: had way too much fun drawing Adrien’s chopped hair again, and Dahl’s frowny-face :c
  • Adrien & Dorian: definitely not my favourite, but I guess Instagram liked it enough?  There’s some reasonably interesting things going on here, but I don’t think I capture either character very well.
  • Jarek! I tried to make him as Disney-prince-like as possible, and I think I succeeded reasonably well. This was my first drawing of Jarek, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so I’m glad it made the list.  He’s really been growing on me as a character, especially through the latest revision.
  • Angrien: I have a love/hate relationship with this one, so I love/hate that it made the list.

That’s it – 2016 recap entry complete!  Nearly two months late and no resolutions, either ;)

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