#WIPJoy October 2017

It’s baaaaaaaack!

October isn’t just #inktober – there’s also another month of #WIPJoy questions on Twitter! Invented and hosted by author Bethany A. Jennings (@simmeringmind), #WIPJoy encourages writers to talk about their work and, specifically, about parts of their work that bring them joy. I can never keep up on Twitter – especially when I’m also struggling (and horribly failing!) to draw every day – but recapping is always fun!

Networking Fun Week

  1. Introduce your WIP!
    I’m revising a YA Fantasy novel but waffling over the working title – stay tuned!  A one-armed magician braves war versus giants, the use of illegal magic and the perils of love – and utterly fails to become a hero.
  2. Tell us about YOU (buy links okay!).
    I’m a recent P.Eng., a big sister, an artist and a snake-haver.
  3. What’s your favorite place/way to share about your writing online?
    I share a lot of writing on Reddit and on my blog; I talk about writing and related stuff (and unrelated stuff!) on Twitter.  Art goes on Instagram!
  4. A line that expresses your theme.
    “What do you want to be?”
  5. Ask a question other writers might be able to help with!
    How do you balance time between too many creative hobbies?  SERIOUSLY, HELP ME.  If you’ve got ideas, leave a comment below!
  6. #FF: awesome #WIPJoy-ers to follow!
    Since you’re not reading on Twitter, here are some of my favourite writer friends/bloggers instead:

    • Jill Marcotte is a fellow writer/artist with a fabulous blog and equally fabulous writing-related comics.  Jill posts a lot of smart advice based on her experiences at writing conventions, conferences and workshops.
    • CM Schofield, likewise, writes fascinating stories and has a great blog, too.  Schofield also has a flair for visuals, and I especially enjoy stalking their Pinterest boards.
    • Jason H Abbott writes great fiction and maintains a regular blog as well; Jason is impressively prolific and hard-working, his site has a lot of great resources and his stories are super fun!
  7. A writing tip that has helped you.
    More of an editing/revision tip: don’t write stuff (especially adjectives) that should be obvious to the reader (a wooden door; a tall tower) – only include details that are unusual or surprising (a pink door; a crooked tower).

Protagonist Week

  1. Introduce the MC (share a pic)!
    Adrien of Sous-Champs is a one-armed reader, dreamer and failbucket magician/soldier.

  2. How would your MC use Twitter?
    Horribly irresponsibly – probably to complain about his superiors and to get into flame-wars with his nemeses (which he wouldn’t win; he’d get downvoted to oblivious, banned, and would eventually return to the safety of his books) :/  ::uldeenseyeemoji::
  3. Describe your MC with a phrase for each of the five senses.
    • 👁: gold and grime
    • 👃: lavender; rain; the ocean
    • 👂: breath; birds; the tide
    • 👄: liquor and lavender
    • 👉: sunshine; spiderwebs
  4. A line about your protagonist.
    With his wrist shackled to his seat, he was a spectacle for passers-by – eye blacked, lip split, his empty left sleeve knotted at the end and turned inside his shirt.
  5. Song/s on your MC’s playlist.
    No surprises here:

    • I Need a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)
    • Zero to Hero (Disney’s Hercules Soundtrack)
  6. What would it take to turn MC evil?
    Adrien has a very strong moral compass, and his ultimate goal (becoming a “hero”) relies on being good.  So I suppose it would take being utterly lied to – very believably – about an opportunity that would make him a hero (and for said opportunity to be totally fake/go terribly wrong).
    …that said, do mistakes make people evil?
  7. Who is the MC’s best friend?
    Dahl of High Vine, though it takes Adrien a while to recognise that.

“Don’t Quit Your Daydream” Week

  1. I’d /never/ edit ___ out of my WIP!
    Previously, I’d have answered “Landis”… but in this latest revision his section is going to be drastically trimmed!  More controversially: I’ll never edit songs and poems out of my WIP, because they are a staple of fantasy, dammit!  Plus, fantasy rap battle, y’all.
  2. I hope my reviews mention ____.
    Piper and her poetry (heh, see?!)! I love poetry and songs in fantasy stories, but I think they go largely unappreciated :c
  3. If ___ liked my book, I’d die happy.
    Is it cheating to fill the blank with “my target audience”?  Honestly, I’d be happy if my book meant something to even one young person.
  4. Share a line you absolutely love.
  5. Your biggest daydream about this WIP’s future.
    Fan art <3
  6. When your WIP is a movie, what would the credits sequence be like?
    I like the idea of panning over various objects with names written beside/within the texture of those items – like written on the labels of alchemy ingredients, forged into swords, embroidered into fabric, scrawled in books.  Texture obsession aside, as a viewer I think I prefer credits that still move the story along, so maybe just some names scribbled on while we jump right into the first scene.  Or even after the first scene?  Who knows!  I can’t say I know anything about film :/
  7. Share an intriguing line.
    The bench outside the watchpost boasted an excellent view of the fête in Vair’s Parc, but Adrien would have preferred not to be chained up there.

Character Takeover Week

  1. Antagonist – Favorite snack food?
    Anything cheap, in good company.
  2. Protagonist – Last dream you had?
    I rarely remember my dreams, but since I’m prone to talking through most of them, other people remember for me.  Sorry!
  3. Side character – /Is/ the author evil?
    Never caused me any trouble.
  4. Antagonist – What’s something that keeps you up at night?
    The memories of those I’ve lost – my family, Olivia, Henri…
  5. Protagonist – How do you like to celebrate your birthday?
    At all?
  6. Side character – Your secret vice?
    If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?  …my brother already told you, didn’t he?
  7. Protagonist – Worst way to die?
    A nobody.

End of October Fun!

  1. What’s something that’s creepy in your WIP?
    The Blink!
  2. How do your characters celebrate Halloween (or other holiday), if they do?
    The Blink is an irregular “holiday” during which neither of the world’s two moons are visible.  There isn’t much public celebration as these nights are largely thought to be cursed/unlucky, but they are a time for family/togetherness, for music, and of course they are good nights for your more nefarious deeds ;)
  3. Your dream cosplay from your WIP!
    I’d obviously love to see any cosplay from my novel; in particular I’d love to see others’ takes on the Bloodletters’ uniforms; I’d love to see Dorian/Dahl pairs; I’d love to see how cosplayers would deal with portraying magic and, of course, I’d love to see Adrien.

Check out #WIPJoy on Twitter to see other writers’ answers!  If you’d like to participate, the next #WIPJoy is in January 2018!

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