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This fall I’ve been heavily deleting revising the first act of my novel, which means that the blurb I made aeons ago is woefully outdated.  I recently did a quick update, and while I’ve yet to incorporate a lot of the excellent feedback I got from my writer friends, I’m feeling confident enough to share the work-in-progress:

A one-armed magician braves war versus giants, the use of illegal magic and the perils of love – and utterly fails to become a hero.

Adrien is not exactly the stuff of legend: he’s poor, he talks too much, and he’s only got one arm. Still, he dreams of becoming a hero, and mixing cold remedies in the shade of Sous-Champs’ castle will never be enough. While friends and frenemies alike prepare for battle against invaders, Adrien is left behind to toil in obscurity – until an act of would-be heroism draws exactly the wrong kind of attention.

Sworn to the so-called protection of peace, Bloodletters scour the Midlands and interrogate her people, hunting down magicians with vigilante impunity. Driven from his home, Adrien seizes an opportunity to hide and work among the king’s soldiers.

The army seems like the perfect place for a hopeful hero, but the Bloodletters have eyes here, too – beautiful eyes and dark arts enough to beguile any young man. Keeping secrets from his dangerous first love is difficult at best, and becomes impossible when the war demands the use of magic. As Adrien’s talents are revealed, so too is a secret even he didn’t know, and he is forced to flee yet again – straight into the invaders’ hands.

Torn between defending his home, his friends or himself, and still reeling under the weight of discovery, Adrien struggles to choose a path, and dares to decide what is friendship, what is love, and what’s a hero, anyway?

your turn scrollYour turn: Whether you’re familiar with my work or not, what would you change about my blurb? What questions do you have?  Would you read this book?

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