2018 Carpal Chronicles / Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I had an excellent holiday, but the situation with my wrists is ongoing. While I wait on tests and until things are back to normal, expect blog entries that are even lazier than usual! Let’s start with some photos from home:

Until just recently, I hadn’t been “home” for Christmas in five years. It was a lovely break, and though the town feels even sleepier than when I left, I’ve missed looking at it!  Look at these mountains:

Otherwise, it was great to chill with the fam and to see old friends.  We’ve always had good holidays no matter where we were, but it was nice to be so utterly relaxed – even if the weather was too cold for my fragile Vancouver bones!

Happy holidays and happy new year to any and all of my readers; here’s to a happy, healthy, adventure-filled 2018!

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