LEGO: DC Superhero Girls & Women of NASA

I have always loved LEGO, and ever since they announced their more girl-focused Friends/Elves/Disney/etc themes, I’ve wanted to try them. At long last, today’s the day! We got this set over the holiday, and while I can’t say I know who Lashina is, I was stoked to check it out.

For the uninitiated: the “girly” LEGO themes have more conventionally feminine minifigs, as evidenced above. They look more like dolls, and at first glance I wasn’t a fan – as a kid, I wasn’t very into dolls, and as an adult, I don’t love the usual concept (gender roles, blah blah). But I know that a lot of kids love dolls, and the new look was far less important to me than whether the new ‘figs would work with the rest of my LEGO. Barbie still needs to play with Optimus Prime, after all.

Upon unboxing, I was delighted by the minifig! While they’re not perfect, they are wonderfully reminiscent of Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop – two excellent and tiny toys from my youth (Do kids still like tiny toys? How weird is it that everyone wanted dolls the size of a dime?). The plastic is a little different than the plastic used to build the classic minifigures – softer – but that’s neither better or worse, IMO.

To further test things out, I compared the new figure (Lashina and Superdog, right) with regular minifigs from other sets (Jurassic World and City, left and centre).  As you can see, Lashina stands a little taller than the other figs, but she’s otherwise fairly similar in size.

Pros: the new minifigs fit and stand on regular LEGO tiles; their hands can hold the same objects as the regular ‘figs, and you can swap their hair/accessories with (most) other pieces.  Here’s Lashina with a new ‘do:

Another pro is that most of the Friends/Elves/Disney sets come with a minifigure and an animal – something that my brother and I always wanted from LEGO in our youth (It comes with a shark?! Get the shark!), and really adds the “Littlest Pet Shop” appeal.

(screenshots from the LEGO website)

A couple of cons to keep in mind are that the new minifigs aren’t quite as posable as the classic ones.  Lashina bends in the middle like any other minifig and her hands hold the same items, but she can’t hold items in multiple orientations (e.g. her namesake lash only works up and down):

…and because her legs aren’t the same blocky shape, she doesn’t actually stick to anything she’s sitting on:

This means that Lashina’s tank (as seen on the box cover) only fits standing figures, and that trying to put her in a vehicle intended for other minifigs (i.e. vehicles with a chair) will see her rattling around all over the place, because she doesn’t have – for lack of better terminology – any buttholes.

Pictured: constipation.

TL;DR: I love the new figs, and I’m really looking forward to getting some Elves sets.  I think a nice blend of Elves and Lord of the Rings themed sets would be a magical time (hint hint if you’re looking for birthday gifts riiiihht?).

To go along with my DC Superhero Girls set, I got this legit real life superhero girls set – LEGO Women of NASA.  I love the crap out of this one and it was a great time for my carpal-tunnel-suffering hands!

Fair warning to my friends with kids: the minute those babies are old enough, they’re getting LEGO.  Watch your feet.

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