Art Goals 2018

Towards the end of 2017 I was starting to define some art goals for myself, and while I haven’t actually been able to do much art recently, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it!

  1. Stroke economy – this means making fewer lines to form a shape.  This is going to take some practice, as I’ve currently got a very sketchy style.  In order to accomplish this I need to trust myself and embrace my personal style (haha I need to trust that this exists), and to remember that my shapes don’t have to be perfect.  That’s gonna be tough, but I think minimizing my strokes will actually help my other goals along, so it’s important!
  2. Consistency – this needs work.  Though I draw the same people often, I rarely draw them the same way (I think?).  This will definitely be influenced by line economy: fewer lines means fewer shapes to make “the same”.
  3. Personal palette – this means figuring out what colours I like, and what works for the mood/content I’m trying to create.  I feel like this has been going well, but it’s something that still needs work!
  4. Flow, anatomy, diversity and costume – these are all things I’ve got a fairly good handle on, but that I want to really clamp down on.  Last year I identified these as my strengths – which isn’t necessarily to say that they’re things I’m great at, but I think these form most of my personal style, and they’re things I love to draw.  In trying to understand/improve my personal style, I want to really nurture what I’m already good at/find enjoyable.
  5. Other stuff – like sequential art (comics); settings and backgrounds; perspective; composition; costumes.  I have a couple of very short comics planned (single page), and I’m looking forward to designing more costumes for my stylish D&D adventurer!

…that’s a big list.  Since I can’t actually draw right now, I downloaded Adobe Sketch for my phone, and I did a couple of character drawings focusing on stroke economy and unique/recognizable features.

Adrien above; Dahl below:

That’s it for today!  Carpal Captain, signing off.

your turn scrollYour turn: What are your art, writing or other creative goals for 2018?  Any thoughts on mine?

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