#WIPJoy January 2018

January saw me following along with another month of #WIPJoy questions on Twitter! Invented and hosted by author Bethany A. Jennings (@simmeringmind), #WIPJoy encourages writers to talk about their work, and about the parts of their work that bring them joy.  In the spirit of taking it easy on my hands, I’m only going to recap a few of the questions this time!

Week 1: INTRO

1. Introduce your MC & their story.
Adrien is a one-armed magician who wants to be a hero; the story sees him through war, crime and heartbreak – and after all that he still fails to become a hero.

4. Your main writing goals this year.
As soon as my hands are better, I’m looking forward to rewriting/editing my novel!  All this time spent not typing has been great for brainstorming, and now I can’t wait to dive back into my first chapter!

6. An aesthetic/visual for the WIP.
As usual, I’ll share my boy:


7. Your writing victories of 2017.
I experimented a lot in 2017 with writing that wasn’t involved with my main WIP, and I think that really helped me to find my voice and to learn some new techniques. And, while I’ve spent too much time not writing my main WIP, I’ve been reframing/reconceptualizing a lot – making new outlines and planning big changes – and I feel good about the decisions and changes I’m going to make!

12. 5 things you like about this WIP.

  1. The characters and their interactions!
  2. The setting; it reminds me of home and abroad at the same time <3
  3. The magic system. It’s tame but I’m proud of it :)
  4. The fact that I still love it after years of working on it!
  5. The work!  This has been a long and difficult write (and revise, and rewrite, and…) – but every iteration is better than the last, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done to make this a better and better book!


14. A poem about/from your WIP.
Now this is the #WIPJoy prompt I’ve always wanted! Here’s the finale from a poet’s battle that Adrien unwisely gets himself into:

A worthy bard? None can compare!  Have you met any other?
Your diction doesn’t dazzle – you are barely worth my bother.
Your straw hair makes you lucky but it must have lost its charm,
For I see you’ve got no money – and what happened to your arm?
It’s clear you’ve read a book but I’ve read many in my day –
I heard your poetry’s what caused your hand to crawl away!
You’ve sailed into my sea of sounds; you’ll not be seen again;
Your words are worn, your rhymes are weak – so long, young Adrien!

20. How is writing this WIP brave?
I’ve learned a lot writing this novel, both about writing, about the world and about myself.  More and more, I’m feeling like this is really my novel, and I’m excited to keep working on it.  It feels brave to write the story knowing that a lot of it, for me, is very personal.


21. MC: your favorite holiday.
Lockboxing Week!

25. Sidekick: a day your life changed.
The day my sister and I became âmés.  She has sacrificed so much for me.

Week 5: VISION

28. How do you hope to publish?
I hope to publish traditionally, and I’m looking forward to the whole process :)

Have a read of my other #WIPJoy roundups, or check out #WIPJoy on Twitter to see other writers’ answers! If you’d like to participate, the next #WIPJoy is in April 2018!

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