#StoryWarriors February 2018

I’m cheating at blogging again!

#StoryWarriors is a month-long Twitter prompt event by Mollie E. Reeder (@writeratops).  I’ve never participated in the event before, but since I’m in the habit of Lite Blogging in order to save my hands, I thought I’d give this one a go!  I’m a bit late for February, but it still takes me some time to type things up, so gimme a break:

3 days to get to know each other:

2/1. Introduce yourself!
You know me!  I’m Madison/madicienne; writer, artist, gamer and inconsistent blogger.

2/2. Introduce character “A”!
Adrien of Sous-Champs: one-armed boy magician / trouble-maker / hero wannabe.

2/3. Introduce character “B”!
Corlette Stoning: slave-turned-soldier / magician-hunter / horse-lover

7 days to explore your characters’ world:

2/4. What does character A’s workspace/desk look like?
Adrien lives and works in the remains of a family home retrofitted to serve as his squadron’s barracks/office.  His ‘workspace’ is whatever scrap of table space he can borrow from Valérie and/or whatever corner of the yard Dorian doesn’t beat him out of.

2/5. Character B’s favorite type of transportation?
Easy answer: horses!  Though she often rides in the carriage these days, to “keep up appearances.”

2/6. Character A’s least favorite food?

2/7. What kind of music does character B like?
Anything cheerful, with a heavy beat for dancing, and enough melody to drown the voices of any nagging responsibilities.

2/8. How does character A typically dress?
On a typical day Adrien wears his army-standard uniform: wrongly-sized shoes, loose pants and squarish top.  His hair is a nest.

2/9. What does character B have in their wallet/bag/etc?
Coded notebooks, letters, bribes, money, arms license, and spoilers ;)

2/10. Where does character A sleep? Is their bed messy or neat?
Adrien sleeps on the bottom of a ramshackle bunk, the top of which is used for weapon and tool storage.  As long as nothing breaks, he won’t be eviscerated in his sleep.  Not accidentally, anyway.

7 days of scenarios:

2/11. Character B’s change has been shorted by a clerk. What does she do?
Corlette saves her scene-making for dramatic moments, and she’s otherwise very collected.  Since most of her purchases are work expenses, she doesn’t really need the change, so unless the clerk needs to be taught a lesson, she lets it go.

2/12. Character A sees a pet wandering loose/stray. What does he do?
It’s likely that Adrien would try to befriend anything; it’s equally likely that this will turn out badly for him.

2/13. It’s late, and character B can’t sleep. What does she do?
She goes for a walk in the dark, probably to see her horse.

2/14. Character A attends a party where almost everyone is speaking another language. What does he do?
Talks too much.  :/  Adrien can and will talk himself into trouble in any language.

2/15. A asks B for money. What does B do?
Gives it to him, assuming it’s a trivial amount – which it probably is.

2/16. Character A has to break up with (or disappoint) someone. What does he do?
If Adrien’s weakness is that he talks too much, his strength is that he talks enough :)  Communication failures in stories (and in life) are a pet peeve of mine, so I try not to let my characters misbehave that way.

2/17. Character B has a cold. What does she do?
Dies.  I can only imagine that Corlette takes colds like I do, which means she locks herself in her carriage/bedroom, commands her assistant to read to her and spends any remaining time sleeping, drinking soup and whining.

7 days in your characters’ own words:

2/18. Character A, what kind of animal would you be?
“I think I’d–“
“He’d be a bird.”
“Dorian this is supposed to be my interview, so–“
“He has fragile bones, he’s pretty and he squawks a lot.”
“Did you just call me pretty?”
“And look at the beak on him!”

2/19. Character B, what’s your best talent?
“I have a lot of talents, and they are all best for different situations.”

2/20. Character A, tell us a secret.
“Why would I tell you a secret?!”

2/21. Character B, what’s your earliest memory?
“I remember standing in the servant’s kitchen in winter, with my arms full of wood for the fire, my feet frozen from the snow.  I remember the cook, a greasy, filthy creature who was stingy with scraps.  I don’t remember anything after that – it’s just an image.  I haven’t been without shoes for some time now.”

2/22. Character A, what’s frustrating you right now?
“Magic!  Ugh!!”

2/23. Character B, be honest – how do you feel about A?
“He’s cute.  Chatty.  Could be useful.”

2/24. Character A, what’s a book/story that means something to you?
“Oh!  Both the Uldeen and Simaab collections!  Simaab’s stories are usually more meaningful while Uldeen’s are more fun.  Have you read Uldeen and the Succubi?  Or–?” [REDACTED FOREVER]

4 days to upgrade your craft:

2/25 Ask your fellow StoryWarriors for writing advice!
How do you connect/engage with other writers on Twitter?  How do you get the most from writing Twitter?  I feel like the hashtags that were once very engaging are no longer so… am I uncool now?

2/26. Ask your fellow StoryWarriors for a book recommendation!
My TBR pile cannot handle any more at the moment… I am the slowest reader.

2/27. Character chat day – character A, what’s on your mind?
How shitty is Jarek?  Like, as a person?

2/28. Character chat day – character B, what about you?
Is it better to delay one’s satisfaction, or to seize it at the first possible opportunity, knowing that this might ultimately have lesser results?

Thanks for reading!  Check out Mollie E. Reeder’s Twitter and/or website for more of her greatness!

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