[Art] My New D&D Girlfriends

I’ve heard there’s no such thing as too many D&D campaigns, so when I was invited to join another, I couldn’t say no (help)! The campaign’s online so images are heavily encouraged; as such, I immediately got to drawing characters for myself and that guy I live with:

Dalgum Lûnt is a half-orc paladin rumoured to be tattooed with the names of her defeated foes.  She’s proficient in Adorableness (CHA).  I had originally intended to give her bigger tusks, but I think the nubby ones add to her charm and make more sense for her age (15).

Dal is part of my usual flip-flop between squishy-wizard-boy and ass-kicking-lady characters (see my other current character, Dish).  She’s my first paladin and my first half-orc!  Look at those teeny lil ears! <3

Valiant Helmquest is cursed as her name implies: since time immemorial, every member of her family has felt compelled to seek a legendary helm.  Hopefully she won’t be distracted by that quest at any key moments in the main campaign 🤔

As always, I love drawing tieflings even if it is nerve-wracking to draw other people’s characters :/

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