[Art] Dirty Dish

My current D&D character hasn’t died yet, so he gets more art.  I’ve been sketching a lot of his adventure outfits, but this time I went for something slightly more adventurous. This one fought me the whole way, and the very simple palette took forever to make up its mind.  I edited pretty heavily even after I’d “finished”, but I’m glad I waited to give it a second look with fresh eyes.  What follows are some confused progress shots!

First, I posed in the mirror and held my phone in place of the chocolate.  I used the photo as a reference but stylized it pretty hard:

Next, I cleaned up the sketch and filled in the details (face, hair, antlers).  I filled the colour layer and started playing a bit with colour combos.  As you can see, I had no idea what I was doing.  Still lots of problems/oddities with the pose, here – including the fact that his top hand is actually backwards/the wrong hand:

Tried some different lighting, and built a background to distract from my cluelessness.  It couldn’t distract enough:

The background is made up from little bits of rune calligraphy; they say food-related innuendo (“eat me” and “swallow”):

After that I changed the lighting again, trying to make it less dramatic by changing the overall palette of the piece.  I stuck with the purple for a while – I finished a pretty large portion of the bodysuit – before ultimately deciding against it:

Finally, I scrapped all the colours, went for something much less intense and finished up all the tiny stuff to complete the piece:

Wanna buy one?  You can get a print on my INPRNT shop! <3

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