Art Fight 2018

It’s (nearly) the end of my first Art Fight, and I only managed to get two attacks done.  Still, I’m happy with what I did and I’m happy with the drawings I received, too!  Both of my art-attackers drew Dish, my tiefling sorcerer/rentboy:

This first one is by TechnicolorTraveler, who has the cutest chibi style!

And the second one is by tardonkie!  This one feels really emotive to me and I love it <3

Finally, I got my half of the snake empress art trade I did a few weeks ago!  The trade was for a friend over at CustomCreations4RPGs, an Etsy shop that specializes in custom miniatures.  The figure was based on my drawing of Adrien:

So cuuuute! <3  

It’s been a while since I commissioned any artists, so it was nice to get some drawings this month.  That said, I’m looking forward to more, and to drawing more for other people, too!

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