Some friends and I are starting up a play-by-post Shadowrun game soon (“Aetherrun”, in space), so obviously that means character art!

Kid Little is a con artist, lockpick and tinkerer, but that isn’t his only name – nor is it his real one. A chameleon-like cybernetic modification allows him to change the colour of his skin anywhere on his body, which also helps him to change his identity.

Elethriel Phanaerys is a student at an exclusive university, where he studies nothing at all because he doesn’t really go there, but it’s a great place to steal wallets, clothes and information.

Gideon Glacier is a model/photographer/SNAPP influencer, available for parties, releases and other events, especially those with open bars and wealthy guests.

Zephaniah is a bike messenger, known for his ability to deliver despite all odds. Zeph isn’t a gang member per se, but he’s done work for many.

I haven’t played Shadowrun before and I have no idea what I’m doing, but now that I’ve finished some art, I feel ready for anything!

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