madicienne.com is a thematic, mixed-media experience supporting a story that’s only half-baked, and serves as an online hub for friends, followers and fellow creatives.  What’s in it for you?  Dubious entertainment – from the blog stylings of Madison herself, to artwork, games, videos, excerpts, essays, adventures and forays into fiction.

The site is constantly under construction, with new content being added as frequently as possible.  Blog updates occur weekly – approximately on Mondays – while other content like excerpts and artwork can appear at random.


An aspiring civil engineer by trade, Madison creates artwork of a wide variety, but her greatest passion is storytelling – be it through literature, games, pictures, or other media.  By visiting the site, you can share in the creation of her fantasy novel, Half a Man, as well as other works.

In 2015 Madison had her first piece of fiction, The Lions, published by Tiny Owl Workshop!  She has other writing samples available online under the Writing link up top.

When she’s not in the throes of words or physics, Madison enjoys drawing, sports, social media and video games.  She keeps a pet snake, loves mustard and can’t whistle.


All comments are read and greatly appreciated, and most will receive replies.  To contact Madison, you can leave a comment anywhere on the site, or find her on social media – see the sidebar for details.

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