Art & Audience

I’ve talked before about being terrified of taking commissions – I’m too slow and I’m not at all sure of my ability to capture other people’s characters – but recent projects have me thinking that it might actually be a possibility…

I have always drawn for myself – that is, I’ve drawn to capture something that *I* wanted to see/feel, not necessarily what I wanted an audience to see/feel.  I’ve rarely even imagined an audience for my art (which begs the question of why I must have Facebook likes, but I digress).  What I’ve started to realise recently is that art, like writing, can be built for a specific purpose, can rely on tropes, can be built on top of known structures to achieve a specific effect.

Seems obvious, right?

I’ve talked recently about learning comic structure, and I’ve been reading about colour theory.  I’ve also been doing a lot more drawing this year (really hindering my novel progress, I tell you what); I’ve been working on my comic, drawing lots of Neen and working on some potential Patreon ideas, too (surprises!).  All those works have had me thinking about audience more than about the “accuracy” of the portrait in question – I’m less worried about whether I think the character is “right” and more worried about whether it gets across the “feel” that I want.

Is this lady pirate badass enough?  Would a stranger glean (the intended) personality from this one image?  Are these people in love or am I just drawing lifeless (but accurate!) lines?  If I sacrifice some accuracy to rely on tropes instead, will my message actually be stronger?

So many questions, and this entry’s mostly rambling, so I’ll cut it short with some news: a Patreon is coming, and though the details are still murky, commissions might be a part of it.  And speaking of commissions… I’ve ordered another commission of Adrien.  I received the draft recently, and I’m suuuuper excited to share it here!


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