[NSFW] Butterflies

Content note: This entry displays drawings that contain explicit (porny) content. No bits are shown in the entry, but you might not want to have someone looking over your shoulder.

Just to fill some space, here’s the very safe image I uploaded to Instagram. I’m less stoked about the palette/lighting in this one, and I cleaned up the linework more than I wanted, but I had a lot of fun with the symbols:

Now, here’s the “full” image with the inclusion of a very special eggplant…

Not sure if the second glove is for wearing or..?

As before, my tumblr has the full image (MINUS THE EGGPLANT).

Now, nothing this protagonist does is ever serious, so the idea that he could play romantic dress-up for even half a second is laughable.  Here’s a more accurate depiction/shitpost I made the next day:

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