Carpal Diem

Last week saw us through Valentine’s Day, and I finished my first real drawing of 2018!

I wrote about this year’s art goals just over a month ago, and something that I forgot to put on my list or even to mention was my desire to make art with more meaning and mood – that is to say, art with more symbolism, with more story and with more “going on” in general. It’s something I’ve talked about before, but it’s hard to implement when I usually draw original character art. Many of my details have meaning to me, but they aren’t even recognised as symbols by others – never mind symbols that mean anything.

So I finally drew something other than character art ^___^

My hands have been getting better, and though I still have to take it easy, this piece was a bit of a celebration. It’s also novel-related, and it’s Valentinesy! Triple threat!

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