Commission #3 by Annalise Jensen

As many of you know, I started commissioning drawings of Adrien last year, and it is way too much fun to stop.  My third and latest commission comes from the wonderful Annalise Jensen (tumblr’s may12324)!

His hair! <3 <3 Be still my heart!

I came across Annalise’s art on tumblr and was immediately drawn to her colours and to her unique faces and detailed expressions.  Her commission info included this character page option, which was super fun as I was able to include a variety of costumes/prosthesis/haircuts/etc – it’s like getting four commissions!  Annalise’s costume design is also evidently fabulous: my uniform design (right) really pales in comparison to her clothing design on the left!

For more of Annalise’s art, check out her tumblr and/or Instagram!

As usual, this work has been added to the gallery with my other commissions, and I’m on the hunt for artists again :D  Happy Monday!


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