Welcome to the gallery! This page features mostly art related to my novel-in-progress. Images of my own design are in approximate reverse-chronological order (that’s newest first), and commissioned pieces follow.  Non-novel art is below that, and at the very bottom, you’ll find a section for NSFW pieces (with tasteful, SFW stickers).

Novel-Inspired Works:

2114131008090504030201adrien-bleghBeldensquarecorrectionspoutAdrien why notPharos-smallerDahl_cleanedconsistencypngadrien-instacolour fullsize with urlvaluesadrien-instacolouruldeen illuminationNew angleXmas card-Recoveredhalfsimaab colour by rejectioncosplaycombinedinstagrampharosinstagramadriencosplay_Adrien&PharosHe Can Do It cropped Dorian beauty full_Dorian_BeautyDahl _&_ Landis_skin2final_SMALLvitalityartworking - square for blogcorlettelandismagic is not a crime stringsmagic is not a crime regadrien instavincent pinningcamel queeeeen1o1VKfmhalloweendorian_punyhalloweendahl_punyartrien nouveau merged hair wjQ4vsrvalentine_corlette_digitalvalentine_adrien_digital dorian&dahl_messytEApbOgadriensword adriencries smallersketch1427826711494workingmap halloween dorianhalloween dahlcutlery adrienface-3 thing_25.pngfantasy fonesAdrien Quillbwadrien

Commissioned Pieces:

These are works created by others.  This section will grow slowly and it’s a bit different than the others: check out the artists’ links!

adrien_jesse_joseph_smallerMy first commissioned piece: a finely-detailed drawing of Adrien by the highly skilled Jessy Joseph.  You can follow Jesse on Instagram (@JesseJDraws) or find his prints (also highly recommended) on Redbubble.



02_adrien_will_kirkby A beautifully drawn and coloured take on Adrien by the amazing Will Kirkby!  Find him on Twitter (@chamonkee) and tumblr!




This fabulous character page of Adrien was drawn and coloured by Annalise Jensen, who also largely took care of the beautiful costume design.  You can find more of Annalise’s work on tumblr (may12324) and Instagram (@annalisejensen).



 Non-Novel Art:

coloru smallertieflinglines smallertieflingMahshid magazine merged2 smallMahshibiIMG_20150817_135901MahshidThaddanStyletieflingclotheshaircolourshadingtieflingmallory25seref25seref evil_smallDagra StillwaterEvil AichylosGrumpy Aichylos


Want more?  While this page represents most of my collection, you might find some extra treasures on Pinterest, Tumblr, deviantART or imgur.  Check the sidebar for links!






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