Half a Man

A one-armed magician braves war versus giants, the use of illegal magic and the perils of love – and utterly fails to become a hero.

Adrien doesn’t just want to prove himself, he wants to be a hero. He wants songs sung about him, books titled after him and people to adore him – but one-armed urchins are typically destined for less.  The only person who shows interest in Adrien’s wild dreams is a surly nobleman who dispenses more orders than answers: first, Adrien must find a sword.  The blade, however, costs him years, and in the meantime a war gathers momentum.

The king’s army offers the perfect opportunity for would-be heroes, but a soldier is more than just a sword. Adrien’s nobleman recruiter also prompts him to work illegal magic, and he soon finds himself fighting more than just invaders.

Sworn to the so-called protection of peace, the Bloodletters scour the continent and interrogate its people, slaughtering civilian magicians with vigilante impunity. When they turn their attention on the army, Adrien must evade detection – no easy task after taking an enemy for a friend and his hunter for a lover.

Torn between defending his home, his friends or himself, Adrien struggles to choose a path, and dares to decide what is friendship, what is love, and what’s a hero, anyway?

HHalf a Man is a novel-in-progress.  For more progress details, see the sidebar or my current projects.


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