There’s a (fantasy) app for that

I like to think about alternate universe versions of my own stories/characters – [!] NERD ALERT [!].  Recently, that led to wondering what kind of apps the main character of my novel might have on his phone (it’s very probable this was also somewhat inspired by my recent acquisition of Zelda: Breath of the Wild).  In sticking with 2018 tradition, this is a fairly Low Effort PostTM.

  • SYMaab: for magic simulation/practise; named after legendary magician Simaab with Seven Souls.  Definitely an indie app; I imagine the original developers have probably been arrested by now, but bold magdevs keep the app updated/available when they can.
  • Bloodletterbox: for news and updates from the Bloodletters.  For most people this would be used to learn about upcoming events, changing policies, investment opportunities; for magicians, this would be used to stay safely out of the Bloodletters’ path.
  • 4MULA: basically a recipe app but for potions.  You can save your own recipes and notes for free; paid versions of the app include plant identification/foraging information.
  • Chatâmézing: a secure chat, location and media client for you and your âmé (or equivalent).  Requires password-protected acceptance by both paired users to function.
  • Charms Daily: inspirational quotes and daily fortunes provided by a collection of Endine temples; people are generally divided about (a) whether digital charms actually do anything and (b) whether temples should be providing these “false”/gimmicky charms.
  • Prownish NOW!: a new language-learning app; content is limited but growing daily; useful for traveling soldiers.

This was actually a really fun little project, and I had to stop myself before creating a million more dumb fake apps :/ If you’re interested in creating your own, here are my sources:

In related meme-ish news, I made one of these totally silly things:

I hope you have enjoyed this totally ridiculous entry.

your turn scrollYour turn: Do you think it’s fun to create “alternate” versions of your stories, characters, etc?  Do you think it’s valuable?  Tell me about your AUs!

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