Welcome to Yellow Rose Industries

I’ve started into another collaborative worldbuilding project!  This one is a cyberpunk setting, so… here we go!

** ** **

‘Welcome to Yellow Rose Industries. Your drone-guided tour will begin momentarily; while you wait, please enjoy a brief historical overview of the corporation. If you prefer to speak to a representative, please follow the signs to Reception.

Yellow Rose Industries is a world-renowned developer of human augmentation and prosthetic technologies, as well as a philanthropic organization serving the people of Alporte and the world. The brainchild of young genius Aciano Mercier, Yellow Rose Industries was established by his parents, Ximena and Cédric Mercier, only ten short years ago. Since that time, the corporation has produced countless new technologies from counter-pollution apps to neural network-integrated augmentative surgery systems. While Yellow Rose is owned by his parents, it is Aciano Mercier who acts as CEO.

Over the last decade, Aciano Mercier’s name has become synonymous with revolutionary technology and humanitarian movements. Born deaf and destitute, Mercier quickly developed an obsession with reading and math, and as a teenager earned degrees in electrical, materials and bio-engineering. His rise to fame and fortune came after a TIDE Magazine interview following the sale of his patented BioLens material, which is now used in myriad applications from ocular augmentation to aeronautics.

Despite being known for his company’s technological innovations, Mercier is regularly identified by the external coil of his rudimentary cochlear implant. When asked why he hasn’t upgraded this implant or opted for augmentation, Mercier has said that the implant serves to remind him where he came from, and that there are others he should help before himself.’

“…well that’s an embarrassing introduction,” Aciano said, grimacing. He tore his gaze from the tour drone to glance back at his small entourage. “That’s not… a direct quote, is it, Krishna? Tell me that’s paraphrased..?”

“I can double-check, sir,” his assistant said, nodding as she jotted on her tablet. Krishna Bhola was petite, pretty and highly intellectual – and it was very unlikely she needed to double-check anything. “Mm. It’s from your V3 press conference three years ago.”

“…damn. Can we paraphrase it?”

“I’ll make a request to the writers.”

“Why?” interrupted his chief of security. Faizah Darling was a boss battle in the shape of a woman – a former soldier and Olympian, before an injury and subsequent augmentations had disqualified her. She took special care to find and eliminate any security threats – possibly because she wished to reserve the special pleasure of Aciano’s torture for herself.

“Because it makes me sound like a total—”

“I think it’s nice. Besides, you’re the one who wanted a damn tour.”

“Yes, but for transparency, not to… fawn. I’m not opening a tour so I can tell people how great I am.”

“No. The tour just reveals how great you are,” Faizah said with a smile she knew would irritate him. “Don’t think you’re gonna get around that.”

Flushed, Aciano looked to his last hope – Eric Ever, former cop, security consultant and Aciano’s personal bodyguard.

“…whaddyou think? It’s a lot more about me than it is about the company, isn’t it?”

“You are the company, Aciano.”

“Nooo…” he whined, and briefly feigned death. “Krishna, can we at least add something to balance it? An unpopular project? What about Edifice Eden?”

“The low-income ocean-front housing development that only pissed off rich people? Of course, boss, I’ll tell them to say you’re a modern-day Robin Hood.”

She took to her tablet again, smiling coyly, while the other two laughed.

‘Please follow me,’ said the tour drone. Aciano pulled his implant’s transmitter from behind his ear and put it in his pocket.

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