#WIPJoy April!

It’s time for another month of #WIPJoy on Twitter!  Invented and hosted by author Bethany A. Jennings (@simmeringmind), #WIPJoy encourages writers to talk about their work and, specifically, about parts of their work that bring them joy. I fail every month to catch all the prompts on Twitter, but I love recapping here on the blog!

Intro Day

  1. Introduce your WIP!
    A one-armed magician braves war versus giants, the use of illegal magic and the perils of love – and utterly fails to become a hero.  Fantasy; one more beta-read/revision cycle before agent-hunting :D

Aesthetic Week

  1. Describe your main character for us.
    Adrien is a one-armed youth ranging in age/wisdom throughout the novel.
  2. Share a visual that goes with your WIP.
  3. Share a song that inspires you for this story.
    Bonnie Tyler’s “I need a hero”.  I had forgotten about this song until hearing it in a movie recently, but I recall it being part of a hero-themed playlist I had started during the first-draft phase of the WIP.
  4. Share a line of description.
    Despite the winter chill, soldiers filled the Leftovers; they smoked and loitered in the lamplight outside busy taverns; they shuffled or rushed from one warm building to the next.  When the doors opened the twisting streets echoed with music and shouting, and firelight gilded the faces of the buildings opposite.  When they closed, the warm smell of food lingered only briefly, but it was enough to hold the attention of passers-by.  A visitor, Adrien thought, could hardly have guessed there was a war going on.
  5. Name something in your WIP for each of the senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch.
    Twin moons, gulls, cloves, the cold ocean, a strong hug.
  6. If your story was represented by one item, what would it be?
  7. If you like _____, you’ll like my book!
    Plucky, underdog heroes (and comedy at their expense).

Character Takeover Week

  1. From the MC: most awkward memory?
    Let’s just say I’ve been compared to cake, and leave it at that…
  2. From the antagonist: happiest memory?
    Learning swordplay from my mother.
  3. From the side character: what’s the most pain (physical or emotional) you’ve been in?
    People wonder how it is that nothing breaks my heart – they don’t know my own sister refused to become my âmé.
  4. Share a line from the MC about food.
    “How do you expect me to peel this?”
  5. From your antagonist: what’s your deepest regret?
    I regret failure.
  6. From a side character: what gives you joy in life?
    Rough sex.  Smoking.  The sword.
  7. From the MC: your favorite music?
    I tend to like songs more when they’re not about me.

Worldbuilding Week

  1. How would you describe your setting?
    Mash-up of medieval France and Morocco, with magic.
  2. What was the first thing you knew about your story’s world/setting?
    Possibly that many characters would speak French.
  3. Story location you’d most like to visit?
    Oof, tough choice, but if I have to pick just one, I’ma go with Ends, pseudo-Moroccan colony city with loads of sunken underwater secret spaces, beautiful art and tasty food.
  4. Share a line that displays your world.
    […] and the city of Ringreef glittered below: nestled in the shallow valley like golden crumbs in a black bowl, the low stone buildings were packed tightly together, divided only by narrow alleys and clumped so closely along the shore that they might have washed up from the sea. 
  5. Three unique elements of your world.
    (a) The magic!
    (b) The source of that magic…
    (c) The importance of hair?
  6. Do you have a history for your world?
    Most of it?  Vaguely?  This is where I still need to do some work :/
  7. If you could bring ONE element from your story into reality, what would it be?
    I’d love to say something “fun” – magic is the obvious answer – but part of what I love about my world is that it assumes far fewer of the same hangups we currently have surrounding gender / roles, orientation, sexuality, race, ability, etc.  Obviously I can’t erase that entirely – I’m human – but part of the reason I’ve tried is because I want to make that a reality.

Connection Week

  1. Share a book, blog, or piece of advice that has really helped your writing.
    I really like Chuck Wendig’s blog, terribleminds.  Chuck swears a lot and I think his style can be a bit abrasive to some people, but he has a lot of good, short advice – things you can remember like a soundbite – which I’ve found useful in the past.  I also find that, despite his perhaps questionable language, he’s generally positive about everyone’s pursuit of writing and art.
  2. Are you a plotter, panster or hybrid? What do you enjoy most about that style?
    I’m a bit of a hybrid; I enjoy pantsing but I end up plotting anew once I start revising, and I almost always plot shorter pieces.
  3. Link day! Tell us about your writings!
    Since you’re already on my website, check out some of my header/sidebar links!  There’s loads of art, writing and other goodness.
  4. Share a line that makes you smile.
    Aside from his arrest, everything had gone exactly as planned.
  5. Share something encouraging that you believe every author needs to hear.
    Write, draw and create what you love – even if you don’t immediately find an audience; even if people close to you think it’s weird; even if it’s not up to the quality you expect from yourself.  If you love it, I guarantee there are others who will love it too, and works that you love are always easier to create (and they’ll turn out better, too).  Grandma’s cookies are best because grandma makes them with love, so make your works with love, too!
  6. Share some authors whose books your readers may also like!
    Megan Whalen Turner’s books were a big inspiration to me as far as style, voice and scope.  And she has a fifth book slated for release this month!!
  7. What do you post most, and where?
    Twitter: I retweet stuff I find capital-I-Important or funny
    Instagram: mostly art stuffs!

Closing Day

  1. Explain your WIP in 10 words or less!
    A one-armed magician tries his best, but sucks at everything.

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The next #WIPJoy event is in July, but in the meantime, Bethany has another event coming up that focuses more on published works (though unpublished creators are welcome to participate): #PUBjoy is a mini event that takes place from June 5-10. Learn more right here!

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