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This page follows my current works-in-progress and/or upcoming publications; click away if you’re looking for samples or writing resources.

Half a Man

Half a Man is my main jam and the site’s raison d’être: it’s a fantasy novel-in-progress about a one-armed magician who really wants to kick ass, but kinda sucks at everything.  You can read more right here, and there’s a load of art in the Gallery.

Le prince et le pâtissier / Like Cats in the Sun

I’ve talked a lot about starting a visual novel or comic – and it’s finally happening!  The title is tentative and this comic won’t be for everyone (read: smut!), but so far it’s been a great way to try new things as a writer and as an artist!

Mind’s Eye Theatre Access

Mind’s Eye Theatre Access is a comic TV show that interviews fictional actors working on an entirely fictional film, based on an imaginary (completed) version of Half a Man.   The protagonist, Adrien of Sous-Champs, is played by Loic Roth.  This is a totally meta, totally silly project that appeals to few people aside from me.  The first episode is here!

Cyriac’s Company

Pharos desRochers is more obsessed with swatches than swords, but that doesn’t mean they won’t compete to lead Cyriac’s Company, an elite team of soldiers assembled to serve the royal family.  Candidates for captaincy must face their competitors in battles of wits, strength and popularity – only one of which is Pharos’ forte – and that’s only if they can get a nomination…  Title subject to change; this short story is very much in the drafting phase!

Simaab of Seven Souls

A couple of student magicians explore underwater ruins in search of a fabled treasure – but what they find is darkness and danger. This short story was on submission for a while, but I’m re-examining for pacing.


The Everbond is a ritual in which two children are bound together – not by contract or cuff, but by the soul.  While it’s each child’s choice whether and with whom to participate, a lot can stand in the way of that decision – especially if your ideal âmé wants nothing to do with you.  Everbond is a short story currently under revision that (re)introduces Dorian and Dahl, before they learn how to carry swords or team up to drive their superiors mad.  It still needs work before it’s fit for submission, but these siblings are dear to my heart, so I’ll work hard to make you love them, too!

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