Publications & Samples

If you’re looking to sample my writing, look no further!  Below is a (short) list of my online publications (free to read), as well as some works hosted here on the blog.


Does a single item count as a list? I have one (count’em!) online publication:

Novel Side Stories / Adjacent Writing

I worldbuild and practice my writing by playing around in Adrien’s world, with minor characters, past characters and otherwise.  While some of those pieces are submitted to publishers, some are too long, too silly or otherwise unfit for submission:

  • A Tourist’s Guide to Haute-Ondes: a fictional vacation guide to Cardavia’s capital city, in an entirely different (and impossibly cheekier) tone than what I usually write (2015 / 2,200 words).

Character Vignettes [COMING SOON]

I get a lot of writing practise creating vignettes for game characters (read: I write nerdy stories about D&D characters), and I’ll be posting them here soon.  Note that, while the main characters presented are of my own invention, many of the locations, background characters, deities and other Named Things belong to Wizards of the Coast.  This list grows almost every time I begin a new game, so check back for more.

Collaborative Worldbuilding Projects

I’m part of a collaborative worldbuilding/writing community on Reddit called Create This World, where writers, artists and creatives of all kind work together to build a world (or city, or universe) composed of various parts.  Some of the pieces I write (or draw) for Reddit also end up here:

  • The Lorn (spring/summer 2018) are satyr-/faun-inspired druid-like people who live to make potions, drinks, dyes and other mixtures.  Their society comprises a number of distinct forest tribes, but all are interesting in mixology, a means to supporting the eventually manifestation of their deity.  Use the Lorn tag.
  • The Bespoke (fall/winter 2017) are a parasitic alien race traveling the galaxy in search of different things: host bodies, a new home planet, money and makeup, to name a few.  Their posts are under the t2g2d4 tag, for reasons that may become clear later.
  • Yellow Rose Industries (spring/summer 2017) is a cyberpunk-themed human augmentation and prostheses company, and part of another collaborative worldbuilding project. You can find stories and art under the YRI tag.
  • The Neen (fall/winter 2016) are an eel-like marine people created as part of a collaborative worldbuilding project on Reddit. You can find related stories, artwork and discussion under the Neen tag.

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