You want my favourite writing (and drawing) resources?  You want my personal guides?  You got ’em!  The list is very short for now, but will grow as I collect more links.


Writing diverse characters is something I can’t shut up about, so here are a few of my favourite resources in that regard.  If you’re afraid to branch away from “writing what you know,” it’s time to know something new:

  • Writing People of Color by MariNaomi
    This is a great article that rounds up POC writing advice from comic creators.  Best of all, it’s largely presented in comic form.
  • Writing With Color: Description Guide by Writing with Color
    Fabulous blog post with specific non-food words for various skin colours as well as tips on how and when to use them.  The blog has a number of great posts, though I find this one particularly useful.
  • The Need for a Gender-Neutral Pronoun (unattributed)
    An excellent discussion about available and new gender-neutral pronouns in English, with examples and pros/cons.  This isn’t the freshest take (2010), but it’s one that I still see many people refer back to.
  • Drawing People by Joumana Medlej
    This obviously isn’t about writing, but if you’re struggling to draw non-white characters (like I did! do?), this book (or ebook) is a great resource!  Most of the content (plus other great tutorials!) is also online for free, right here.

Writing & Revision

It’s hard to make something great without some help.  The following links are all about the more technical aspects of planning, writing and revising your writing:

  • Novel Plotting with a Storyboard, by yours truly
    One of my most viewed entries, this post outlines how I used a physical storyboard to help re-plot my messy first draft.  This method uses screenwriting-based “sequences” to organize scenes, which helped me to plot and condense my story, and gave direction to my revision efforts.
  • Dia[b]logue: how to write talky bits, by yours truly
    Questions about dialogue come up a lot, and it’s one of my favourite things to write, so I made this quick guide to help others with their talky bits!


If you’re writing fantasy, sci-fi or another genre that lives in a secondary world, you might like to check these links:

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