You want my favourite writing (and drawing) resources?  You got ’em!  The list is very short for now, but will grow as I collect more links.


Writing diverse characters is something I can’t shut up about, so here are a few of my favourite resources in that regard.  While these links are mostly for (white) writers looking to write better characters of colour, “diversity” applies to many things, and creators should strive to vary gender, sexuality, ability, culture and more!  If you’re afraid to branch away from “writing what you know,” it’s time to know something new:

  • Writing People of Color by MariNaomi
    This is a great article that rounds up POC writing advice from comic creators.  Best of all, it’s largely presented in comic form.
  • Writing With Color: Description Guide by Writing with Color [blog]
    Fabulous blog post with specific non-food words for various skin colours as well as tips on how and when to use them.  The blog has a number of useful posts, though I find this one particularly useful.
  • Drawing People by Joumana Medlej
    This obviously isn’t about writing, but if you’re struggling to draw non-white characters (like I did! do?), this book (or ebook) is a great resource!  Most of the content (plus other great tutorials!) is also online for free, right here.

Plotting, Planning & Revision

It’s hard to make something great without a plan.  The following link(s) are for those of you looking for help plotting a new novel – or replotting an old one:

  • Novel Plotting with a Storyboard, by yours truly
    One of my most viewed entries, this post outlines how I used a physical storyboard to help re-plot my messy first draft.  This method uses screenwriting-based “sequences” to organize scenes, which helped me to plot and condense my story, and gave direction to my revision efforts.

Nitty Gritty / Writing Details

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